Cartier Delices Watch woman watch charm

Body k Rose Gold Cartier Watch d e Lices There Delilah collection is theperfect embodiment of understated luxury, oversized watches highlightswomen‘s wisdom and skill.

cartier Delices watches

Neutral, practical design is suitable for all types of wearer andthe wearing of different occasions, make you feel your time, youare the masters of our time. This is Cartier Cartier watches tothe success of the important reasons. In 1938, the Queen Elizabethwore a Cartier Cartier for its minimal design Bangle wrist watchappeared in front of the world, since then, the internationallyprestigious Cartier watches.


Delices Cartier watches There Delilah‘s watch is a unique mediumof Elf, refined and elegant, but full of mystery. Women are smartand pleasant disposition, just subtle changes, time water, every minute is different, exquisite leapt out. White karat gold withdistinctive light grey silk mix most filled with nobility, rose kgold silk and rice noodles come together, delicate and beautifulfeminine charm are evident.

Appreciation of the Replica Cartier Love bracelet

Cartier LOVE series 70 born in turmoil New York, at that time, people seemto be smog, no hope and no hope, but Cartier‘s Love is like a rainbowappeared to them has injected new vitality and energy. After experiencingthe changes of the times and it is still able to stand on top of fashion, asto how beautiful it really is we‘ll take a closer look!

replica cartier love bracelets

Entire bracelet inlaid diamond represents the only unique? open-style designwith a casual, like a happy woman and her newborn baby.

replica cartier love bracelets

18K white gold bracelet has a small screw at the connection, is also ahighlight of the Cartier LOVE series, use a screwdriver designed accordingto ergonomic and very easy to wear bracelets.


replica cartier love bracelets

K gold bracelet inlaid with four diamonds two neatly symmetrical, ostaggered and in LOVE, a symbol of endless love.

replica cartier love bracelets

10 coloured stones inlaid, Amethyst represent devoted love, blue crystalsrepresent pure pink crystals on behalf of innocent. Each has a beautifulmeaning and wishes!

replica cartier love bracelets

This bracelet is a very strong sense of warmth, as if flashing brightaperture, so wear its owner always happy.

Small series models which are examples of not known your heart? works ofCartier LOVE series is about love, not love alone, as well as family,friendship, compassion, full of positive energy. Seeing friends to sharesmall partners now!

Cartier 2015 new master craft masterpiece reveals the birth of flawless beauty

Cartier 2015 new master craft masterpiece was born, once again witness the modern Association established between tab stops and the traditional skills and the challenges it faced. The confusion between the little, all show impeccable aesthetic.

cartier watches

Ballon Bleu de Cartier wrist table, diameter 42 mm, to metal beads grain process and carved Pearl mother belain spent decorative, carrying automatically Shang chain mechanical movement, table Shell to 18K yellow k gold build, mosaic bright type cutting round drill, concave slot type of table Crown, mosaic with a star convex round Sapphire, and match with, white crocodile skin strap, show out Cartier master process work square of top process.

Metal bead technology to build from, senior watch Cartier Cartier d’Art lineso that this dates back to the Three, the third millennium BC during thefirst half of ancient and precious handicraft, show a new look. Thisextremely complex and exquisite decoration in the Matruh in Asia during thefirst millennium of civilization reached its peak, its representative is aworld famous from yiluteliya metal bead decoration of ancient artifacts.

Metal bead craft, is to cut the heat wrapped in gold thread, until theformation of tiny beads, the whole process seemed to be scattered goldseeds. Then, these gold beads a a place needs decorating parts, and fusionwith the gold base, so as to create vivid stereo is embossed.

Cartier launched a new Series c de Cartier bags

cartier handbags

In April 2015, France by artbrand Cartier c de Cartier launched a newseries of bags. Colours of its movement, in the bright spring sunshine sendsout thousands of Paris. Like a rainbow colored gemstones and darted, seriesc de Cartier handbagtone soft and delicate lines is vivid, inadvertentlyreveals the elegant charm of women without losing energy.

Color style

Fresh style series c de Cartier handbags, brighttone interpretation logocolors. Amethyst, Orange Garnet, cordierite, turquoise, chalcedony andmultiple shades such as pink Crystal handbag at home on artificialpersonality, turned into a memorable jewelry color. Each flawless colorcomes from meticulous hand-coloring processes, from dating back to 1803,France one of the most ancient tanneries build. Handbags of the series atotal of 7 shades, shoulder or hand.

Saddle stitch seams and leather craft

Hand dyed edges, color or contrast color, saddle stitch sutures, Cartierused signs, leather interior lining Cartier c de Cartier handbagsseries from the inside to the outside demonstrate excellent quality topgrain leather craft.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier floating Tourbillon enamel watches

cartier watches

It all began with a Ballon Bleu de Cartier Watch. As the first equipped witha new generation of watches of Cartier Haute Horlogerie movements since itsintroduction in 2008, equipped with floating Tourbillon Ballon Bleu deCartier Watch has only 46 mm watch. New 39 mm case, making it bloom adistinctive elegance. This is equipped with a blue sculpture enamel dialstyle of twisted cable, Ballon Bleu de Cartier Watch perfect match names andcolors, and infinite harmony.

Declaration of the color

Ballon Bleu de Cartier enamel floating Tourbillon wristwatch by 18K whitegold with excellent unique dark blue enamel dial, limited release of 100pieces. Cartier was first issued in 1909, the matching small clock withenamel dial, in accordance with its traditions, new wrist watch dials makinguse of very rare processes. First, dial engraved on the metal floor of aradial pattern and ARC named flinqu é twisted rope glyph, and then coveredwith translucent enamel layer.

watches cartier

Strictly controlled the proportion and color intensity

Enamel is a powder initially, you must carefully selects the texture,composition and color in order to ensure that, when fired, uniformappearance and satisfactory results. When firing, for temperature controlcan influence the whole process. At this stage, any mistakes will causeirreparable damage to the dial, you cannot use can only be scrapped. Becausethe dial you can see floating Tourbillon skeleton is arranged on a largeopen window, this process has become more sophisticated. After cooling,enamel layer of transparent, twisted rope texture of the glyph and thedelicate deep blue, making dials the combination of texture and brightness.


New dimensions of Ballon Bleu de Cartier floating Tourbillon Watch has anunworldly elegance. For those seeking a soft line, balance and comfort ofthe modern Tourbillon watches, however, the size is just right.


Harmonious proportion case, not more than 11.4 mm thickness. This BallonBleu de Cartier Watch 39 mm in diameter, equipped with engraved Poin?on deGen è ve (Geneva quality mark) 9452 MC calibre. Design and modification ofthe movement shall adhere to the strictest standards and Cartier workshop in downtown Geneva completely assembled and adjusted.
Ballon Bleu de Cartier Watch specially built for its prized by connoisseurs,you deserve and unprecedented.

Top Cartier watches – Clé de Cartier watches

Cartier design novel crown has a rich history, Clé de Cartier watches have inherited this tradition. This time, the crown is not only a place on the watch of the most striking, is the source of inspiration for the name of the watch. French in “CLÉ” means the key, a key to the new look and is very similar to the crown. The operation by the crown to adjust the time and date in the Advanced tab in the world once called the initiative ─ not help but think it is the key to the ancient tradition of using the watch chain …. The new crown considerable volume, ease of operation. It is not only functional and practical advantages, the watch itself is an exquisite items. Crown molding slender simple, inlaid a cabochon sapphire, which is different from the traditional practice of mosaics: the crown jewel is cleverly embedded and aligned with the surrounding metal cladding.

Clé de Cartier watches on the idea has obvious problems: how to create new designs on the immaculate round. This task may seem easy at first, seemingly simple but difficult to work there must be hidden in. Millia delicate and sophisticated design is the solution. Shape was completely simplified, Return to Innocence. The key is that all accurate, balance and proportion. Brand with exquisite art, to create a streamlined look immaculate, elegant minimalist style and aesthetic harmony. Watch no longer have sharp edges, delicate rounded bezel, lugs were a soft cone. All components constitute poignant masterpiece, gives wonderful, intuitive feelings plain. Shape as its shape, this should be the case.
The new chain mechanism not only practical, more satisfying. This mechanism follows the user-oriented concept, with the system can easily adjust the time. After the adjustment is completed, the crown can be pushed back to its original position, without hands will automatically restore the vertical posture – it truly is amazing achievement simple operation Cartier Yazhuo the process. In addition, the design is more particularly pleasing sound effects added for the wearer richer senses. Soft clicking sound along with rotation and movement Push crown. It contains wonderful sound in affinity, excellent quality and complexity of the process when the meter masterpiece.