Top Cartier watches – Clé de Cartier watches

Cartier design novel crown has a rich history, Clé de Cartier watches have inherited this tradition. This time, the crown is not only a place on the watch of the most striking, is the source of inspiration for the name of the watch. French in “CLÉ” means the key, a key to the new look and is very similar to the crown. The operation by the crown to adjust the time and date in the Advanced tab in the world once called the initiative ─ not help but think it is the key to the ancient tradition of using the watch chain …. The new crown considerable volume, ease of operation. It is not only functional and practical advantages, the watch itself is an exquisite items. Crown molding slender simple, inlaid a cabochon sapphire, which is different from the traditional practice of mosaics: the crown jewel is cleverly embedded and aligned with the surrounding metal cladding.

Clé de Cartier watches on the idea has obvious problems: how to create new designs on the immaculate round. This task may seem easy at first, seemingly simple but difficult to work there must be hidden in. Millia delicate and sophisticated design is the solution. Shape was completely simplified, Return to Innocence. The key is that all accurate, balance and proportion. Brand with exquisite art, to create a streamlined look immaculate, elegant minimalist style and aesthetic harmony. Watch no longer have sharp edges, delicate rounded bezel, lugs were a soft cone. All components constitute poignant masterpiece, gives wonderful, intuitive feelings plain. Shape as its shape, this should be the case.
The new chain mechanism not only practical, more satisfying. This mechanism follows the user-oriented concept, with the system can easily adjust the time. After the adjustment is completed, the crown can be pushed back to its original position, without hands will automatically restore the vertical posture – it truly is amazing achievement simple operation Cartier Yazhuo the process. In addition, the design is more particularly pleasing sound effects added for the wearer richer senses. Soft clicking sound along with rotation and movement Push crown. It contains wonderful sound in affinity, excellent quality and complexity of the process when the meter masterpiece.